Pressure Gauges

Considerations in selecting a gauge
Corrosion Chart

"Royal Line" - % Accuracy

4" Process Gauge Overview
316 SS Bourdon & Socket Types
Phosphor Bronze Bourdon & Brass Socket Types
K Monel Bourdon & Socket Types
316 SS Bourdon & Steel Socket Types
3"-4" Stainless Steel Case Types with 316 SS Bourdon and Socket
3"-4"-6"-8" Dial Sizes Various Bourdon Materials & Case Styles
Receiver Gauges
Sanitary Gauges

"Regal" Line & 100mm - 1% Accuracy

Phos Bronze Bourdon - 3"-4"-6"-8"
316 SS Bourdon - 100mm

"Regal" Special Application Gauges

Duplex Type
Differential Type
Low Pressure - Bourdon Tube Type
Low Pressure - Bellows Type
Altitude Type
Refrigerant & Ammonia Types
Retard Type
Reid Vapor Test
Test Gauges - % Accuracy
MIL-G-18997E, Shock Resistant

Economy / Utility Gauges

4" Economy Gauge SS Case
2" Low Pressure Diaphragm Types
1",2",2" and 3" Steel Case Types
2" Glycerine Fill Types - Bronze Tube
2" Glycerine Fill Types - 316 SS Tube

Gauge Options

Available Metric Scale
Optional Features
Electric Contacts

Case Styles (For Royal or Regal Gauges)

Direct or Surface Mount Styles
Direct Mount (Flangeless) Styles
Flush Panel Mount Styles
Test Gauge Styles
Connection Dimensions for Duplex, Differential
Average Shipping Weights

Gauge Accessories

Pressure Snubbers
Gauge Cocks, Needle Valves, Siphons

Diaphragm Seals

Selection Information
Threaded Types
Low Cost Mini Seal
Flanged Types 
Sanitary (Quick Connect) Type
In-Line Types
Saddle Types
How To Order

Bi-Metal Thermometers

Considerations in Selecting
Adjust Angle Type (3" & 5" dial sizes)
Rigid Forms (5" Dial Size)
Rigid Forms (3" Dial Size)
Heavy Duty Type (3" Dial Size)
MIL-I-17244E (3" Dial Size)
1" Dial Size Pocket Type
2" Dial Size (Plain and Treaded Stems)
Sanitary Thermowell
Conversion Kit (Bi-Metal to Industrial)
1/2 NPT Flange


Threaded Types
Heavy Duty Types
Welding Types
Flanged Types

Temperature Conversion Table

Gas Actuated Thermometers

Considerations in Selecting
Remote Mounted Types
Direct Mounted Types
Econo-Gas Remote Mounted Types 
Econo-Gas Direct Mounted Types 
Case Styles-
   Surface or Direct Mount
   Flush Panel Mount
Optional Features
Threaded Thermowells
Bulb Fittings
MIL-T_19646 Thermometers

Recorders (Circular Chart)

Temperature and Humidity
Bulb Fittings (Temperature recorders)
Case Dimensions
Charts for Temperature Recorders 
Charts for Pressure Recorders

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